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Effects Of Deportation On Families

These days the number of people that are living in the country without having all the documents are being deported back to their origin. The deportation process has proved to have a lot of adverse effects to the families that have been separated. Below are some of the adverse effects of deportation to the people that are left behind.

Among the consequences are that more children are ripped off of their parents and they have to be raised by foster parents. Those parents that do not have a proof to show that they are indeed residents of the country end up being taken back to their original states. Most of these kids that are citizens by birth end up in foster care. Being brought up by other parents that are not their biological parents is traumatic because they are separated from their real family. The second negative effect of deportation is that there are many single parents these days. If one parent is deported, the other remaining family has to provide for the entire family. This is humiliating especially in these hard times where there is a need to have both parents providing. The parent that is left behind is also left with the task of dealing with the immigration services and bring back their partners back in the country.

The third effect is that these families have to endure financial constraints since one of the breadwinner has left then. These days money is not easy to come along. Hence when one of the family members leaves the other partner has to find a way to make ends meet. The other effect is that people are left with the stress of finding for the family by themselves. Those kids that have experienced the deportation of their parents are always afraid that they are going to be deported to. These worrying is not healthy since it can lead to other mental health conditions to the kids.

Those people that have had their family members and loved ones deported are unable to ask for help from law enforcers. When they are facing a threat they are afraid of calling help from the law enforcers because they feat they will do the same to their families. They are also scared of going to hospitals whenever they are sick because they do want to give any information that might make at risk of being deported. As a result they do not go to a hospital, and this can lead to worse medical problems that can take a turn with their lives.

Children from families that have family members that have been deported either a family member or a sibling are more likely to perform poorly in school. It has also been proved that family members are likely to show symptoms of mental health problems.