What are some tricks to prolong your laptop lifetime?

9 Tips for Longer Laptop Battery Life

One of the devices that we have and often cherish is our laptop. This is more so when we use the laptop for work or school. We will often have important files in it that we don’t want to lose. However, even if we do not use it for work or schooling purposes, we still want to use it for as long as wish. You don’t want to be forced to buy another laptop when you are not ready for it. Some of the tricks you can use to prolong your laptop lifetime are discussed subsequently.

Sleep and hibernate settings

One of the ways that you can prolong the lifetime of your laptop is by putting it off when you are not using it. However, it could be difficult achieving this as we sometimes sleep off while we decide to relax and our laptop is still on. This is why the sleep and hibernate settings of our laptop is very important. You should set your laptop to automatically go to sleep when you don’t use it for 5 minutes and to automatically hibernate when you don’t use it for 30 minutes. This way, your laptop will not be on and running when it could be off.

Do not use excessive force on it

Another way to prolong your laptop’s lifetime is by not using excessive force on it. The keyboard keys are soft enough and you don’t need to punch them or hit them forcefully when you are using it. Hence, you should avoid the temptation of using force on your laptop no matter the reason. The lesser force you use on your laptop, the lesser pressure on the components and the more it is likely to last.

Do not put it where it can fall off

Always be careful when placing your laptops on tables or other surfaces. When you don’t place the laptop properly, maybe just a little part of it on the table and the rest hanging, it could fall off. When this happens, the screen of the laptop could become faulty. If the laptop was on, the shock could affect your hard disk and it will crash. Hence, you should be careful when using our laptop so that it doesn’t fall.

Make sure the laptop gets enough ventilation

The laptop is made up of tiny components that are working to make the computer function properly. However, they get very hot quickly and require ventilation to function properly. When the temperature of your laptop increases, it could automatically hibernate or shut down to protect you. If it doesn’t, your processor could get extremely hot and stop functioning. Investing in a laptop fan can go a long way to keep your laptop cool. You can read a list of electronic stores reviews such as Coolshop reviews to know where to buy a good laptop fan for your computer.

Do not eat or drink while using your laptop

Eating or drinking while using your laptop is a bad computer usage habit. The liquid could easily spill on your laptop and quickly find its way below the keyboard to affect other components. Food particles can also get stuck within the keyboard leading to some non-functional key.

Invest in anti-virus

Buying an anti-virus is another way to make your laptop last longer. The antivirus will protect you from scammers and malware. There are many types of antivirus to choose from. You should choose an antivirus that has Internet security if you use the laptop to access the Internet. If you can afford an antivirus, do not opt for free antiviruses as the level of protection they can offer you is limited.