This Application Can Detect Ear Infection Via Smartphone

In today’s digital era smartphones can be used as devices that can be used in the health industry.

Like the latest smartphone applications that are being tested, this application can help to diagnose ear infections, especially children.

This application has not been officially launched by the developer. Reportedly, if the test has been proven 100 percent accurate, the possibility of new applications will only be of limited use in the medical world.

As reported by Gizmodo, this application is said to help parents who want to check the condition of their child’s ears if there are complaints related to their hearing.

This application is accompanied by a device in the form of paper cones that can be inserted into the ear.

By utilizing smartphone speakers, the cone paper will transmit the sound produced from the application.

The sound, will be heard by the ear and will detect if there is fluid in the eardrum.

So far, this application has been tested on a number of children. The test results prove that 85 percent of applications can work accurately.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the test revealed that the detection of fluid near the eardrum has not been a definitive indication of ear infection.