Make it Easy for Travelers, Google Maps Now Supported Translate Features

Google Maps has made it easy for users to find locations. This feature is also very useful for travelers or tourists who like to travel to new places. Google Maps is able to tell them the exact route to their desired location.

However, sometimes the application is difficult to use abroad, especially if the user cannot speak or read the local language.

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Reporting from the Android Police page, Thursday (11/14/2019) to make applications even easier, Google integrates the translation feature into Google Maps. The translation feature can later understand and pronounce the meaning sought.

New features will be activated automatically when traveling in areas that primarily use languages ​​other than the language settings on the user’s phone.

Google provides examples, for example when users travel in Japan when their mobile phone is set to English. After the user clicks on an interesting place in the area, Maps will bring up a card that usually displays place info.

In addition to the usual info, the speaker icon will appear next to the place name. Clicking on the speaker icon will give users a prompt to make their phone say the place name and address aloud in the local language.

Prompt will also provide a quick link to go directly to Google Translate to continue the user’s conversation.

The Google Maps update was launched to Android and iOS devices this month with initial support for 50 additional languages ​​and languages ​​in progress.