Majority of Americans disapprove of SCOTUS Roe v. Wade reversal, poll shows

A 59% majority of US adults disapprove, with 41% approving. About half (52%) call the decision a step backward for America, with 31% calling it a step forward and 17% saying it’s neither.

Among women, two-thirds (67%) disapprove of the ruling, with just 33% approving. A 56% majority of women say that the decision will make the lives of most American women worse.

Protests spread across the US after the Supreme Court overturns the constitutional right to abortion

A 58% majority of Americans say they’d favor a federal law making abortion legal nationwide, while 42% would oppose this. And 64% say they’d like abortion in their states to be legal in most or all cases.

Most Americans now say they believe it’s at least somewhat likely that the Supreme Court will eventually end or limit same-sex marriage (57%) and access to birth control and contraception (55%). Only 33% say they have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in the Supreme Court, with 23% saying they have just some confidence and 44% that they have very little confidence in the Supreme Court.

The CBS News/YouGov poll surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,591 adults on June 24-25 after the Supreme Court decision was released. While this is a relatively short field period for a poll, the results provide an initial look at public reaction. The margin of sampling error for the poll is ±3.0 points.

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