Insuring Your Home Technology

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Chances are you have a computer in your home. If you’re anything like me, then it’s going to be a nice computer, especially if you’ve just recently upgraded it.

Then, I’m going to guess that each member of the household has a laptop.

Perhaps there’s tablet devices such as iPads as well.

And then, undoubtedly, everyone has a mobile phone.

Did you ever stop to add up just how much money you have spent on gadgery around your home. What if any of this was lost? Apart from the hassle and stress of losing technology these days, what about the expense of replacing the device?

You took so long to find the right device, read all the reviews on places like, surely you don’t want to leave it to chance how you’d respond if you lost it?

You should be thinking about insurance if you have a lot of money invested around the house in technology and associated gadgetry. Before you do go out and get insurance check out this article and find out some more about insurance companies.

Are You Covered On Your Home Insurance?

First question that you should ask yourself is are you covered on your home insurance?

Your home insurance should be the first place you look before taking out any other specialised insurance policies.

You will usually get some level of protection for your devices on your home insurance, but it’s not going to be great, and it may not be fit for your purposes.

Read your policy carefully and come to your decisions.

You will almost certainly not be covered on your home insurance for anything that you take out of the house. So if you travel outdoors with your laptop, then you should consider taking extra insurance based on exactly what it is you do with it when it isn’t in the house.

Cover For Audio Equipment

If you have a large amount of audio equipment, cost for replacement can easily tot up to a considerable figure. If it is a larger system that you have then consider talking to your insurance provider to see if there is anything that they can do.

Large items like this that never leave the home can often be covered on your existing policy but you should definitely make sure you talk to your provider first.

Accidental Damage

Home insurance policies will usually cover items in your home against fire, theft and attempted theft, amongst other events that may befall them.

However, it is unlikely that gadgets that you own in the house will be covered for accidental damage.

So don’t assume that a laptop will be replaced if you spill a cup of tea over it.

Outside Of The Home

Insurance for items outside of the home is typically going to be difficult to secure.

If you are concerned about mobile devices such as expensive phones, then it may be in your best interests to speak to the place you bought or lease the phone from to see if they offer any replacement deals.