5 Gadgets that a Travel Blogger Must Have

Blogger has become the most popular profession by most people today. One of the most popular by most people is travel bloggers. Moreover, in today’s digital era, many free blogs have emerged that can be used by users and how to make them is quite easy. In addition, to become a travel blogger is not difficult and does not have to pay fantastic costs because there are many tourist destinations and other interesting places in Indonesia that offer friendly and even free prices.

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Usually travel bloggers share their travel stories, ranging from tips, interesting tourist destination information somewhere and other information through their blogs to the readers. In doing the action, travel bloggers must have the equipment to write about interesting things while traveling on their blogs. Smartphones, notebooks and cameras become mandatory equipment that must be carried by travel bloggers when exploring interesting places.

In addition, there are some things that must be considered by travel bloggers in carrying out their activities. Following the review.

1. Camera

The camera is the main thing you should pay attention as a travel blogger in capturing the moment of travel. Now there are various types of cameras with reliable features that can help you in carrying out activities as a travel blogger. Ranging from DSLR cameras, pocket cameras to action cam offers a variety of interesting features that can provide maximum shots.

DSLR cameras and pocket cameras become the right choice that can be used to capture the moment of travel ranging from attractions, places to eat typical to the excitement when traveling with friends. If a DSLR camera feels heavy to carry around, you can bring a pocket camera whose quality is currently able to rival a DSLR camera. Although currently the quality of smartphone cameras is very reliable, conventional cameras are still a top priority because not all can be enshrined with smartphone cameras.

When you want to take an extreme trip like exploring water tourism destinations, hiking and other extreme tours you can use action cam. What’s more present various types of interesting action cam on the market that you can choose.

2. Notebooks

In addition to the camera, the notebook becomes a means of supporting your activities as a travel blogger. With a notebook, you can write articles about your trip to travel destinations to be posted on your blog.

Not only that, you can edit your travel photos using software available on your notebook such as Adobe Photoshop. That way, your blog content becomes more interesting through a combination of good articles and photos.

3. Smartphone

In addition to communicating, smartphones have various other functions such as writing articles, taking pictures, and editing photos. Moreover, there are currently a variety of smartphones on the market with reliable specifications and features that can support these activities. You can write articles on your smartphone using the Microsoft Word application and other document processing applications.

Besides that, you can also edit your photos using the Adobe Photoshop Express application and other photo editor applications. Although it has powerful features, not all the work you can do with your smartphone. In addition, you can use your smartphone as a modem through the hotspot feature.

4. Internet connection

To post articles on your blog, of course you need a stable internet connection. You can use the hotspot through your smartphone, modem or rely on the hotspot area. When you are in a remote place that does not have an internet connection, of course you cannot rely on hotspot areas.

You should use a modem to get a stable internet connection. If you use the hotspot through your smartphone, the resulting internet connection is usually unstable.

5. Map Application

The map application becomes an important application that must be owned by a blogger. With the map application, you can find out travel routes, GPS and more to get to tourist destinations. This map application is very useful so that you don’t get lost while traveling.

There are various map applications that you can use. If you use an Android smartphone, you can rely on a default map application such as Google Maps.