How mobile phone technology has changed over the last 40 years - Netstar

In recent years, the use of landlines and post offices is gradually becoming obsolete. Passing information through messages and calls can now be done with the use of a phone.

The mobile phone industry has seen tremendous changes in the last few years owing to the innovations that are being dished out to the public regularly. Mobile phones were originally made for making calls but right now, mobile phone companies are constantly improving on their technology to stay ahead of their competitors and remain relevant in the market. There are reviews of phone companies on UK.collected.reviews about different mobile phone companies in the market.

Phones that have a good internet connection and lasting battery have become essential in today’s world. However, it is good to check the internet for reviews about mobile technology service providers to know which is best for you. Here are 5 changes seen in mobile phone technology in recent years.

     1.     Size :

Over the years, the size of most phones has changed. Phones are no longer as big and heavy as they used to be anymore. In 1973, the first mobile phone that the Motorola Company launched weighed about 0.9kg. Back then, mobile phones were very expensive and were used by only workers and travellers to complement their landlines. Now, nobody wants to use a phone that can not fit into a pocket.

     2.     Function :

Cellphones are no longer restricted to only phone calls. Now with a cellphone, you can also perform the function of a calculator, torch, music player, movie player, radio, television, and many more. Imagine how blissful it is that a small device in your pocket can perform the function of seven devices. In recent years, mobile phone technology has prioritized functionality over aesthetics. The mobile phone industry is one of the most competitive industries out there and customers want to know they are getting their money’s worth when they splash money on a product.

     3.     Battery :

Everybody knows that without a good battery, no matter how good your phone is in other aspects, using your phone would be stressful. People do not want to be charging their phones every time, they want to know that when they have charged their phones maximally, they do not need to charge it again in at least a couple of hours if they are continuously using the phones. Some phones even have power banks that you can use to charge other phones when they are low.

     4.     Connection:

With applications like Xender and X-share, you can send files from one phone to another at a very fast speed. You can also send files via airdrop from your iPhone to another iPhone.Apart from sending files; you can connect to friends and play multiplayer games with the aid of Bluetooth. For iPhone users, you can connect to other users like you and play iMessage games, Facetime, etc.

     5.     Internet:

Nobody needs to carry a desktop all around or go to an E-library because they want to use the internet for research or any other thing. With your mobile phone, you can now connect to the internet easily from wherever you are. In recent years, the speed at which you can connect to the internet has increased immensely. Phones have moved from 2G to 3G and 4G. With 4G, the speed of data transmission has increased greatly and some companies are developing technology for the people to use 5G.

These changes have helped to make life easier for people and surely in years to come, the mobile phone industry will see more changes.