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A Guide to Choosing an Employee Assistance Program

One in every five, fight with mental health at one point in their life. Statistics indicate that, on average, a person can suffer from depression before 10 years before he or she gets assistance. Ignoring mental can have severe consequences costly to the employees as a worker suffering from mental health will be less engaged, productive, and absent from the workplace. That has resulted in more employers recognizing the significance of investing in proper mental health resources for their staffs.
Similar to how physical health has a scale of healthy and unhealthy, the same can be said about mental health. You cannot disregard mental health, doing so will be disregarding an entire side of a person. That said, there are plenty of program styles and models out there from which to choose. Therefore, the question is, what employee assistance program will get your employees and organization the most value. Go through this guide as we have listed a few elemental factors that you need to bring into perspective to help you in identifying the best employee assistance program.

Start by looking at the services covered by the program you are going for. Empoyee assistance programs vary when it comes to their offering – some can provide limited over-the-phone support, and other will offer you services extending past the traditional counseling. So, you will want to choose the type of services of your workers are most possibly require and use. Go for an employee assistance program that is created specifically for your organization before we began providing it as an employer which includes both personal and organizational support. The program should offer workers together with the family members short-term, and private therapy for a wide range of conditions. Go for an option that will ensure that the business, specific teams, or sectors can also access personalized support can be helpful in a challenging dynamic or testing situation.

Furthermore, it is essential that you evaluate the provider offering you the employee assistance program. Before you select an EAP provider you think will suit your particular wants. You will want to delve deeper into the number of years the EAP provider has been in the employee assistance program business. In addition to that, you should know the kind of medical specialists they use. In addition to that, ensure that you scan the reviews of the employee assistance program provider to know how rates they are. Go for an EAP provider that has highly rated reviews as it will guarantee you high-quality solutions.

Last but not least, try to know about the process which your workers will access the support. Figure out whether they will access support through in-person sessions or purely phone-based services. It is recommended that you look for an employee assistance program provider who offers in-person sessions to have stronger ties.

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