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How Many Types of Domestic Violence are There

Many people around the world have experienced different types of domestic abuse as this is a very common act. It is hard to have a family with someone you are not compatible with as this is what promotes violence. When two strangers are under one roof, there will be a lot of differences as they both are adults who want to be in charge over one another. Below are a few points to get to understand types of domestic abuse in the society, keep reading.

Domestic violence is an act that is so horrible as this is when two adults or family gets involved in a fight. There will be more damage when it comes to domestic abuse of which people must understand that. There are various types of domestic abuse that we are going to discuss and see how we are going to help the society in tackling this. We have verbal abuse, this is one that the culprit is abused verbally, he/she is threatened and being called abusive words.

Verbal abuse is commonly used by the couple towards each other as a way of self-defense. Another type of domestic violence is the physical abuse; this one is the worst as it involves the beatings and fighting among families. This type of domestic violence has been marked to be dangerous and very risky as if not controlled one can go astray and do something bigger like killing. Also there is sex abuse, this type of abuse narrates its actual act that the reader doesn’t need to find it hard to explain.

Another type of domestic violence is sexual abuse, this is an act that the abused is forcefully involved in a sexual act without their will. This type of domestic violence is gross and not something to think of as its hurting and very painful to an extent of giving the victim some self esteem. With emotional abuse you will find that many marriages around the world have experienced this. This type of domestic violence that is called emotional abuse is purposed to tamper with ones emotions for them to feel unwanted and unworthy. The emotional abuse can easily be suicidal if the victim is not treated or counselled at the right time.

Isolation abuse is one that the abuser keeps off the victim from any freedom and social life. With isolation abuse the abuser will make sure that the victim is locked up from their freedom away from other people. Isolation abuse is done to prevent the victim from doing their normal chores and that they don’t interact with people. Another type of domestic violence is called control, this is normally done for the abuser to feel in charge. In a nutshell, it is always essential to know all these types of domestic violence as the knowledge can be helpful to you in future.