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Important Guidelines On High Blood Pressure

Around 29% of Americans are suffering from high blood pressure, and the unfortunate thing is that many people don’t even know that they suffer from this condition. That is why her blood pressure is among the diseases that are known as silent Killers. When measuring your blood pressure there are usually two numbers which are mainly known as systolic and diastolic numbers. The systolic numbers should always be less than 120 while else your diastolic numbers should always be less than 80 anything above these numbers means that you have high blood pressure. Most people don’t know that they are usually two different types of hypertension mainly primary and secondary.

One thing about primary hypertension is that it does take time for anyone to even know that they are suffering from it because people rarely show symptoms. It is believed that you genetics and Lifestyle are the ones that lead to primary hypertension. Doctors and researchers are not able to tell what exactly causes primary high blood pressure. Secondary hypertension does show symptoms, and that is why it is very easy to detect. There are usually so many things which can lead to you suffering from secondary hypertension, for example, taking over the counter medication or if you are suffering from conditions such as thyroid and kidney problems. So many people don’t know that taking over-the-counter medication regularly or even consuming illegal drugs such as heroin can cause high blood pressure. It is quite unfortunate because no one knows if they are at risk of suffering from hypertension, but people need to know that some of their habits can lead to them suffering from high blood pressure. If you suffer from hypertension and you go untreated for years this will definitely lead to your condition worsening, and you might even lose your life.

For people who don’t take this condition seriously they need to know that high blood pressure does end up causing blood vessels to weekend; thus they start browsing, and later on they bust and at the end of the day you are at risk of losing your life. The condition also sleep apnea and heart attack does lead to blindness because it ends up thickening altering the blood vessels that are in your eyes thus affecting your eyesight. Blood pressure is also known for being the cause of heart attacks and sleep apnea. The blood pressure usually lowers but if you suffer from a condition that is known as sleep apnea it affects your blood pressure, and it ends up increasing it. When your blood pressure is always high this means that you are at risk of suffering from a heart attack.