Mp3 Recorder records any audio source from your sound card to Mp3 and Wav audio directly.


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What is Mp3 Recorder? Mp3 Recorder records any audio source from your computer to MP3 or WAV audio directly. Recording source is from sound card that means any sound through your sound card would be recorded. When the Mp3 Recorder recording, the saved MP3/WAV file's size is calculated and showed at real time. Mp3 Recorder records your computer's audio streaming into MP3 file directly without temporary WAV files generated. Many useful features include channels, sample rate, bit rate, voice control system, and more ...

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 95/98, NT, 2000, XP, Win2003 or above.
  • Hardware: Sound Card

Key features

  • Any sound through your sound card can be recorded.
  • Without wav file generated while recording.
  • Saved file format can be MP3 or WAV.
  • Allow selecting channels, sample rate, bit rate.
  • Audio wav, file size, recording time will be shown at real time. 


Mp3 Recorder ScreenShot


Downloads & Demo   latest version 1.8

Price & Purchase

Version: 1.8
Setup file size: 1.08MB
Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003
Uninstaller included: Yes
Expires after: 20 uses or 15 days
Limitation of trial version: The unregistered version has some 'Trial Version' watermarks stampped on the final image.
Screenshot: View screenshot
Download: Download the free trial version
Price: $29.95   [ Personal User  ]   

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$68.95   [ Business User ]

or by

$148.95 [ Site License ]

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Purchase: The easiest and fastest way to order Mp3 Recorder is online, using credit cards. The ordering pages are on a secure web site that encrypts all transmitted credit card data according to the secure HTTP protocol. As soon as your order has been processed, your registration code is emailed to you right away! No waiting! if you are not using free email.
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