Drinking Water Treatment

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Drinking water in the United States tends to be safe. This is because drinking water is surface water that never comes into contact with wastewater, which is treated separately by wastewater treatment companies. However, drinking water can still get contaminated by various water born germs. Therefore, the water goes through a rigorous treatment process, and many households use home water filters. If you are skeptical about your drinking water, learning more about the treatment process can make you feel more confident that your water is safe.

Water Treatment

The first step in water treatment is coagulation. This is when positively charged chemicals are added. This will neutralize any dirt that is in the water. The chemicals will bind with any particles in the water to create a substance called floc.

During the second step, the floc will settle at the bottom. This is called sedimentation. After this, step number three involves filtering the clear water to remove any remaining particles or chemicals. The final step is to add a disinfectant, such as chlorine, to the water.

Water Fluoridation

After the treatment process is finished, many community facilities will add fluoride to the water. Drinking water that has undergone the fluoridation process is one way people can prevent tooth decay and other dental problems. There are several different ways treatment facilities can add fluoride to drinking water.

Household Treatments

While there are standards for treating drinking water in the United States, some citizens use a home treatment system to remove specific contaminants or make it taste better. These can include point of entry or point of use filtration systems, water softeners, distillation systems, and disinfectants.

Drinking water in the United States undergoes a rigorous treatment process. Some may also undergo the fluoridation process to help prevent dental problems. This and household treatment systems make drinking water in the United States very safe.