Themes list window

You can play, edit or download themes from the themes list window of baby kids keyboard.

Themes selection for kids.

Themes playback window

You and your children will watch animated pictures and texts, with beautiful background image and music. When pictures are shown, wonderful sounds or text voices will be played at the same time. At the top left corner of screen, a progress bar will tell you when the playback will be finished, when the next picture will be shown.

Playback window of baby kids keyboard.

Themes editor

You are allowed to create and edit your own theme easily and quickly. The theme can be made up of your own photoes, internet pictures, recorded voice, special text.

Themes editor of kids keyboard - New Delete Load Edit.

Themes editor of baby keyboard - Editor Window.

Themes' common settings

Baby kids keyboard allows you to set some options, such as play time, background color, TTS engine, playback-hotkey and so on.

Settings window of baby kids keyboard.

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