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Babies love to imitate their parents pounding keyboard from 6 months old. It should be encouraged because it helps to enhance their coordinative ability and improve their self-confidence. But these aimless strikes can activate unwanted programs, change the computer settings or delete important files. Baby Kids Keyboard Lets your curious baby pound the keyboard freely and safely.
With their growing up, the babies need to learn more things, such as numbers, alphabet, family members, all different kinds of sounds and so on. This software is a very good teacher for your babies and kids. Children can learn a lot from the games the software provide. For every tap of the keys or mouse, the child is rewarded with a amazing images and related sound effects. Meanwhile, this software allows parents to add family album, edit notes and record your own sound. Your kids will be very surprised to see your photo on the screen or hear "mom and daddy" after one tap. With this software, kids can learn more quickly and parents will have a few minutes to rest.


The screenshot of baby kids keyboard

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Key Features:

Baby Kids Keyboard locks the keyboard and mouse, protects computer and files, allows baby and kids to touch any key.
Pictures, sounds, musical notes or text can be played by strikes or in turn.
With the sample editor tools, you can add your own photos with note and recorded voice.
Pictures can be shown in many kinds of animated form.
Pictures can be displayed orderly or randomly.
Pictures, sound, text can be related to key on keyboard. For example, when press "B", a bear photo will be shown. when press "P", a piano music will be played.
The length of play time can be specified.
Play Hotkey is supported. Any time your kids want to play this game, you can press the hotkey to activate it.
Musical Notes / MP3 File / Wav File / Mid file / TTS (Text To Speech) are supported.
JPG and PNG pictures are supported.

babies are using baby kids keyboard

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