Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Baby Kids Keyboard free?
This software has two edition, free edition and professional edition. Free edition is total free, but professional edition is not. Click Professional edition page of baby kids keyboard to see the different of these two editions.

Is this software safe?
Yes, we have scanned the software before publishing. And no any virus or malware exists. Please feel free to download it.

Can babies use computer?
Baby kids keyboard is a wonderful tool for teaching. It enables you to give much more varied and engaging lessons than is possible with traditional tools such as flash cards and DVDs. Modern computer screens are not harmful for babies (or adults). However, it is important to limit very young children's screen time. Of course, your baby cannot use the computer without you, making it much less likely to be used to excess. By using the computer to teach, you are also guaranteed to interact with your baby over his lessons. This will mean that your child learns more ?C and more importantly, you will both enjoy bonding over the wonderful game of learning. Click here to read the research about babies and computers. Do babies and computers go together?

How to lock computer with this software?
When you play the themes the computer keyboard will be auto locked.