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Computer Applications

4 Lightweight Android Emulator for Gamers

Emulator application has always been the target for everyone who wants to play games that have a PC with low quality specs. So as a solution can use the help of the Emulator application, because it’s not only very compatible, but also some emulator options easy to run even if the computer or laptop device that is owned is only equipped with very minimal specifications though. And what makes it even more interesting, the emulator application can also function and run well on Netbook type laptop devices.

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Technology Brands

Huawai CEO “Ren Zhengfei” says Hongmeng OS is better than Android and MacOS

As soon as the US government put Huawei on the trade blacklist, the Chinese company filed its trademark OS Hongmeng cellphone and even began testing it in China. Now, the founder of Huawei said in an interview that Hongmeng OS is ‘very likely’ faster than Google’s Android and Apple’s MacOS. The Chairman of Huawei also revealed that Hongmeng OS was designed to be more flexible because it could run on various devices such as smartphones, routers, and data centers. However, he underlined that the possibility of departure from Android would be a big blow.

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Gadget Apps

New Malware Targeting Cheap Android Devices

If you are an Android-based device user, be careful of new types of malware threats. Not long ago it was discovered that software contained pre-installed malware content on 7.4 million mobile-based Google OS devices (IB Times Singapore, 10 August 2019).

Maddie Stone, a cybersecurity researcher at Google’s Project Zero, said at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas that the malware was found in inexpensive devices using third-party software (vendors).

“If malware can infiltrate devices in the form of pre-installed applications, the damage it will cause will be greater.” Maddie added, “That is why we really need to do … Read More

Computer Engineering

The Main Benefits of Computer Networks for Companies

Benefits of computer networks – A computer network is a network system with a transmission medium so that multiple computers connected to the media can be interconnected with one another and can share data. Computer networks have many benefits such as:

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Sharing information

Through computer networks, computer users can share ideas and information even if they are in far apart locations. That way, computer networks allow computer users to combine their abilities and expertise so that they are more efficient and productive at work.

Computer users in a computer network can store or retrieve information in any form (text, images, … Read More

General Article

Intel Processor Rankings that Determine the Speed ​​of the Gadget

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In some gadgets that are used today the processor is one of the most important supporters and understanding the level of the Intel processor will really help you. Consideration of the level of the processor is very important for you to know so that you can consider the quality of the gadget that will be used.

Understanding Intel Processor Levels

In a gadget processor is the control center of various activities carried out on the components inside. So to say this processor is the brain of the computer or gadget that you use. This processor is also useful for controlling … Read More