The daunting dangers of dating online – The College View

The need for technology in various parts of human existence can never be sidelined. Technology has massively refined different parts of human relationships.

Online dating is a platform that matches possible lovers. It accesses your similarities, common ideology, and location to match individuals. Online dating to a magnitude still carries a bad reputation. But on the bright side, online dating has improved privacy and helped shy people find their soulmates.

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Here are four ways technology will impact the future of online dating:

1.     Securing data and privacy with blockchain

The rate at which personal data are stolen and reused to the detriment of the primary source is alarming. Identity theft is a serious crime and can only be curtailed with the aid of technology especially for platforms like online dating sites. Innovation like artificial intelligence can explicitly Detect potential threats by rapidly scanning through a large information base of users to ensure that online users enjoy their experience and protect their information. Blockchain saves information in a unique style, this makes it impossible to hack, modify or defraud. This is a decentralized system that cuts off third-party operators.

2.     Content analysis with machine learning and artificial intelligence

Most online dating users want to be able to identify a perfect personality for them. With a high ability to process large data of users and potentially understand the attitude of other users. It will be an added value if technology is able to process content properly

The experience on social networks is a prototype of how online dating sites would be if technology were implemented objectively. The goal is to make the experience as close to the experiences in real-life settings.

3.     Creation of virtual and augmented reality

Virtual and augmented reality is a totally different experience. This aims at sealing the physical world by providing characteristics of a live view. Virtual reality is immersive, entertaining, and exciting. Mind-blowing experiences such as using avatars and skin- incorporated haptic interfaces to feel the sense of touch through the system. You can set a romantic date and dance to the 1980s blue together, feeling and touching your partner.

The VR and AR systems mimic both moves on the sides of the system and send them constructively to all sides, enhancing user experience and giving online daters live experiences. With the rapid evolution of technology, it is visible online dating will be exponentially modified. Dates will be safer and easier to access.

4.     Creation of a seamless and efficient application

Application software for different software is constantly improving. Developers are consistently improving bugs and lags in the software. The creation of a seamless and efficient application will increase the efficiency of online dating sites. Thereby, giving users perfect experiences.

Bottom Line

Technology is changing our society and giving us experiences we never thought will be possible. Of course, there are cons but the pros are way too much, and too enticing to neglect. Watch out for the future as online dating will be refined and totally modified through technology.