4 Lightweight Android Emulator for Gamers

Emulator application has always been the target for everyone who wants to play games that have a PC with low quality specs. So as a solution can use the help of the Emulator application, because it’s not only very compatible, but also some emulator options easy to run even if the computer or laptop device that is owned is only equipped with very minimal specifications though. And what makes it even more interesting, the emulator application can also function and run well on Netbook type laptop devices.

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Talking about the android emulator application, of course for those of you who like to play games, of course you are familiar with some of the newest emulators that are or even are popular. But unfortunately, emulators for the latest releases sometimes tend to be compatible with certain computers, like for example on a computer type device with high specifications. But you don’t need to be discouraged because even if you have a device with low specs, you can use the recommendations of some of the lightest android emulators below.

1. Leapdroid – Emulator

This emulator can be your choice. Leadproid itself only has a size of around 271.2 MB. Believe it or not, if this software is said to be touted as one of the lightest emulators of all time.

2. MEmu – Emulator

Want to play games but are afraid because they have minimal computer specifications? Don’t get discouraged yet, because you can solve these challenges by using the best emulators produced to overcome the problem of low computer specifications. So please try this one emulator

3. Droid 4X – Emulator

This emulator becomes the next choice, because it can be used quite reliably even when used on a PC with minimal specs. In addition, during the installation process, you will find other additional programs. More than that, to support you guys in playing games , Droid 4X – Emulator also comes with a screen resolution that is easily set as desired.

4. Winroye – Emulator

Lightweight emulator that is used last is Windroye, because this one emulator is included in the ranks of emulators which are suitable for PCs with minimal specifications. This emulator can also be used free of charge and has free features without ads. The most interesting thing is the song from Windroye is can be used with the Lspeed launcher system. So later you will be much more flexible in placing the android system in the emulator.

Although only with a low-specification and even old-fashioned computer, the emulator line above can certainly be an alternative for playing games! May be useful !